Pro Tools 9: The Mixers Toolkit Download

[box type=”warning”] While Focal Press gets the other website sorted, if you’re looking for the Demo Session for Pro Tools 9: The Mixers Toolkit, you can download it right now from my good friend Kevin Ward at[/box]

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In this exciting new book learn the secret toolkits used to to develop a professional, radio-ready rock mix out of tracks recorded in a garage. In Pro Tools 9: The Mixers Toolkit you will get hands on with a real Pro Tools session as you start arranging, EQing, compressing, bussing, effecting and automating a modern demo into a hard hitting, radio ready production. See the in depth use of micro-editing, Elastic Time, and Beat Detective across Drums, Bass, Guitars and Vocals, and learn how to use Multi-Compression, Reverbs and Delays to make your tracks really jump out of a mix. Finalize your production with pre-mastering tips to get a loud mix that will stand up to the competition. As you go through you’ll discover dozens of Pro Tools 9 features and shortcuts, as well as tricks that can be applied to any workstation. With an interactive website including hi-definition video tutorials, you will also watch, listen, edit and mix alongside these award winning Pro Tools engineers. This is a fantastic text showing you two engineers personal workflow for making a killer rock music mix. Take your Pro Tools skills to the next level with “Pro Tools 9: The Mixers Toolkit” today. * Provides step-by-step techniques for using Pro Tools in a session, enabling readers to edit, tune, and pocket everything from rhythmic and melodic instruments to lead and background vocals * Website includes an interactive editing session and close-up movie screenshots giving an in-depth look at the editing techniques used on major record label releases * Pre-edited and final mix versions of the session demonstrate just how these techniques will take mixes from Demo to Promo


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