AET 2050 - DAW Production

4. DAW Hardware


  1. Define the basic structure of a Digital Audio Workstation.
  2. Describe latency, its sources and ways to improve it.
  3. Compare and contrast the three methods of audio processing.
  4. Describe the purpose of the audio driver.
  5. Identify the different types of drivers.
  6. Compare the different types of hardware interfaces.
  7. Compare the use of graphical and physical interfaces.


Chapter 5.5-5.7, Desktop Audio Technology - Rumsey

Audio systems

Basic Structure

Audio Processing

Native or Host-based Systems

Example: MOTU Digital Performer

DSP Systems

Example: Pro Tools HD/TDM systems


Hybrid systems

Example: TC Works PowerCore

Interfaces and Converters

Inputs and Outputs

System Compatibility


Interface Hardware Types or Methods