AET 2050 - DAW Production

1. Data Storage Media - Optical Storage



Chapter 5.1.7-5.1.14, Desktop Audio Technology - Rumsey

Compact Discs

Specifications - "Books"

CD specifications are categorized defining physical dimensions, techniques for manufacture, how data is organized, etc.

There are many specifications, with many interactions - deistinguishing between them can be confusing!

Specifications were originally designed and released by Phillips and Sony.

Specs are organized into "books" described by colors. (The colors refer to binders in which these specs were gathered!)

Most common:

Red Book (CD-DA)

Yellow Book (CD-ROM)

Green Book (CD i)

Orange Book (CD-R)


Multisession CDs


Hybrid Audio/Data CDs

Recording Modes for CD-R

Data need not be recorded all at once. Discs can be removed and data added at a later time if needed.

Orange Book defines an area (inside of the Red Book TOC area) for writing temporary TOC entries and for calibrating the laser power for recording.





Physical Characterictics

DVD Specifications - "Books"

DVD-ROM (book A)

DVD-V (Book B)

DVD-A (Book C)

DVD-R (Book D)

DVD-RAM (Book E)

DVD-RW (Book F)