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In this exciting new book learn the secret toolkits used to to develop a professional, radio-ready rock mix out of tracks recorded in a garage. In Pro Tools 9: The Mixers Toolkit you will get hands on with a real Pro Tools session as you start arranging, EQing, compressing, bussing, effecting and automating a modern demo into a hard hitting, radio ready production. See the in depth use of micro-editing, Elastic Time, and Beat Detective across Drums, Bass, Guitars and Vocals, and learn how to use Multi-Compression, Reverbs and Delays to make your tracks really jump out of a mix. Finalize your production with pre-mastering tips to get a loud mix that will stand up to the competition. As you go through you’ll discover dozens of Pro Tools 9 features and shortcuts, as well as tricks that can be applied to any workstation. With an interactive website including hi-definition video tutorials, you will also watch, listen, edit and mix alongside these award winning Pro Tools engineers. This is a fantastic text showing you two engineers personal workflow for making a killer rock music mix. Take your Pro Tools skills to the next level with “Pro Tools 9: The Mixers Toolkit” today. * Provides step-by-step techniques for using Pro Tools in a session, enabling readers to edit, tune, and pocket everything from rhythmic and melodic instruments to lead and background vocals * Website includes an interactive editing session and close-up movie screenshots giving an in-depth look at the editing techniques used on major record label releases * Pre-edited and final mix versions of the session demonstrate just how these techniques will take mixes from Demo to Promo


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Welcome musicians and audio geeks alike.

I’m Nathan E Adam and this site is full of content and videos I’ve produced to help you learn Pro Tools, learn recording, and learn mixing.

In case we haven’t met, I’ve been an Audio and Video producer for over a decade, and have been blessed with some amazing opportunities. As a kid from Kansas who dreamed of a great career in the music industry, this site is my opportunity to give back some of the production tricks & techniques I’ve picked up along the way.

My career started at the venerable, and I’ve spent the last 10 years teaching at some of the largest audio production degrees in the country (Belmont University and Middle Tennessee State University).

From starting a multi-studio Pro Tools HD facility, to producing, editing and working with unbelievable artists and producers on dozens of TV shows, books and instructional videos, I know that if the doors could open for me, they can open for absolutely anyone.

Enjoy these videos. Share them. Whatever. I’ve made them for the future great artists and engineers who want to develop the skills to make great records.

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Pro Tools 9 Music Mixing

It’s always nice to improve your music mixing skills, and Pro Tools provides a lot of great tools for getting killer mixes.

Over this hour and a half, we’ll look in depth at a workflow to give you better mixes.

Pro Tools 9 Track Editing

Ever needed to fix a track that had a whole lot of Vocal and Instrumental Flubs?

In this video we’re going to dig into a track that was designed to introduce you to salvaging a disasterous recording session. Flying around Vocals, Keys, Guitars and Bass, we’ll also introduce the Nashville Number Chart.

Pro Tools 9 Editing – Dance Mixes

If you’ve been an audio editor for any length of time, you’ve been asked to cut a bunch of dance tracks together for your local cheerleading squad.

In addition to being a great way to meet cheerleaders (and likely the only time you’ll have any in your studio), this hour long video will wear out your fingers with my special blend of Pro Tools shortcuts. Enjoy.

Pro Tools Dance Mix Editing

Ready to Move

Spent the last 3 days scouring the housing market in Nashville. Thank God, found a couple options within 10 minutes of our new employer, Belmont University. Good times.