Pro Tools 9 Music Mixing

It’s always nice to improve your music mixing skills, and Pro Tools provides a lot of great tools for getting killer mixes.

Over this hour and a half, we’ll look in depth at a workflow to give you better mixes.

Pro Tools 9 Track Editing

Ever needed to fix a track that had a whole lot of Vocal and Instrumental Flubs?

In this video we’re going to dig into a track that was designed to introduce you to salvaging a disasterous recording session. Flying around Vocals, Keys, Guitars and Bass, we’ll also introduce the Nashville Number Chart.

Pro Tools 9 Editing – Dance Mixes

If you’ve been an audio editor for any length of time, you’ve been asked to cut a bunch of dance tracks together for your local cheerleading squad.

In addition to being a great way to meet cheerleaders (and likely the only time you’ll have any in your studio), this hour long video will wear out your fingers with my special blend of Pro Tools shortcuts. Enjoy.

Pro Tools Dance Mix Editing